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Our core competency is packaging; specifically in cans. We leverage our know how of packaging equipment technology in our production process in order to offer the most efficent contract packaging to the coffee industry. We operate three can lines for the 401 (1#), 502 (2#) and 603 (3#) metal (vacuum pack) or composite (nitrogen flush) cans.

We can do large volume or small custom orders. You supply us with your green beans and and we will roast, grind and can it according to your precise specifications. We also can do flavored coffee.

If you prefer to do the roasting, you can also send us your roasted coffee and we will package it for you.

If you are interested in these services, please call or email us.

Description of Standard Services:

O    Roasting: One batch is four (4) bags of green beans.  We will roast customer provided green beans to customer specification of color analyzer index.

O    Grind: We will grind roasted coffee beans according to customer specification of fineness of grind.

O     Fill: We will fill the customer provided cans specified by customer according to weight specified by industry standards for the can size.

O     Seam: We will seam the can in a vacuum to the levels specified.

O     Date code: We ink jet code each can with the code specified by the customer.

O     Label: We will label each can either with a roll fed label or cut-and-stack label as provided by the customer.

O     Overcap: We will place a customer provided overcap on each can.

O      Box: We will put the cans in the customer provided boxes, seal the boxes and date code the exterior of the box to the customer specifications.

O     Palletize: We will stack and stretch wrap the boxes on pallets according to customer shipping specifications.

O     Load: We will load the palletized coffee on the customer provided truck for shipment.


Other Services:

 O     Flavor: We will blend in customer provided flavor (e.g., Hazelnut) or other mix-in to the ground coffee via our ribbon blender for consistency.

O     Opening of Foil bags: Previously packaged coffee (re-work) that comes in foil bags or filter packs will be opened and put in SuperSacs.  Thereafter we can further process using our standard services from Fill to Load or customer can ship as-is in SuperSacs.

O     Specialty cans for promotions or gifts. (Call for pricing)


Further Benefits:

 O     A fully integrated line controlled via a lap-top or central station.

O     Customized seaming equipment utilizing the latest in servo and stepper motors.

O     Ink-jet date coding that has full alpha-numeric range (e.g., can print a special message).

O     Two trailer height loading docks for easy loading and unloading of product.

O     Quick access to major northeast highways for convenient distribution.


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